Beldi (Moroccan Black Soap)

$ 12.00

Brand Polish & Lather

Besides the shopping; I was most excited about in Marrakesh were the hammams (Turkish bathhouse). Being a lover of all things pampering I was not leaving until I got to experience this pure indulgence firsthand.

The hammam is a beautiful oasis where the ancient world walks side-by-side with the modern. The experience is something everyone should have. But, until you get a chance to head over to Morocco you can pamper yourself with a mini hammam experience at home.

Straight from Morocco we brought back the famous beldi soap which is traditionally used in hammams to gently cleanse the skin. But, what is a hammam experience without the kessa glove? This glove is the partner to the beldi soap. Once the silky beldi is spread across your skin the kessa glove is used to give an invigorating exfoliation.

We guarantee you will step out of your shower in brand new skin.

Ingredients: Olive oil, olive paste, water and sodium hydroxide.

4oz - unscented