The Oil Cleansing Method

One thing that I love and have been doing for years is oil cleansing. Oil cleansing isn’t new, but it is highly effective in cleaning without stripping and drying the skin.

I have oily skin which is prone to breakouts, and most would try to fight back by actively removing the oil and drying the skin. But what I’ve noticed with my skin is excessive drying (mostly through sulfate containing cleansers) does not work. My skin automatically goes into oil production hyper-drive to compensate for the loss; resulting in an even more oily skin, potentially producing more breakouts. I got trapped in this cleansing, drying, hyper-drive, breakout cycle. This prompted me to sit down and think of alternative ways to care for my skin that was less damaging. As a natural soap maker I had a good understanding of oil properties and how certain ones interacted with the skin. After a few trials I formulated an amazing oil cleanser that is great for different skin types, removes dirt, oil and makeup without ever drying the skin and causing breakouts.   

After committing to oil cleansing I no longer have excessively oily skin, very few breakout, none of that tight, pulled skin feeling and I maintain a healthy glow.

Twice a day I run a facecloth under hot water ring out and press against my entire face (do this 2-3 times) to steam and get the dirt loosened up on the skin. From there I message the oils into the skin; making sure to get around my hair line and around my nose. Steam once more with the hot cloth and then use it to remove the oil along with any dirt and makeup.

Immediately after when my skin is still warm and slightly damp I use a few drops of argan, grape seed or jojoba oils to seal in the moisture and top everything with sunscreen. In the winter if needed a little whipped shea butter applied after the oils is great too.

Let me know if you ever tried the oil cleanse method.


Btw some good news to my oily skin peeps, we may suffer a little now with oil and little breakouts, but we’ll benefit later. Oily skin helps to prolong the development of wrinkles because our natural built-in moisturizer keeps the skin soft and supple