Banishing That Winter Itch


It's that time a year again when itchy skin takes over. There's been a lot chatter with friends and in some of the various Facebook groups that I belong to complaining about the winter itch.

For many of us, the weather in the winter changes to a cold, frigid and dry climate making our skin an innocent bystander in its crosshairs. But, there are ways to minimize this not too pleasant experience, and keep healthy glowing skin even when the weather isn't our friend.

The most important step in battling dry skin is to retain moisture. The key is to apply products that reduce the rate of water evaporation allowing the skin to remain hydrated. I prefer to apply a moisturizer straight out of the bath or shower. I lightly pat my skin dry and immediately I apply an oil AND an butter. I don’t even leave the warm humid environment of my bathroom for this process.

First I like to use our body glaze. Our glaze contains oils with low molecular weight allowing for easy penetration into the skin. I apply it over every surface of my skin (and if you have a flexible shoulder like me, you can do your own back too!) I rub this into the skin until it's pretty much absorbed, maybe around 10 seconds on an area. Also, remember a little goes a long way; especially when using on slightly damp skin.

From there it's all about the body frosting. Our body frosting is made with some great skin penetrating oils and some butters. This will create a great barrier in the reduction of moisture loss. As with the glaze, I apply the frosting to my skin and rub until well worked in. Our frosting isn't highly greasy and after a few minutes there are no worries of it rubbing off on clothes or sheets.

I know it this isn’t the latest technique but properly apply products in the correct order will help maintain the skin's moisture level. Also, drinking water helps to combat dryness from the inside out. I know for me I have to consciously maintain my water intake levels in the winter because, I'm just not hot, but it does do wonders.

An easy little way to remember the order of application is to this is think of LOC, as in to lock in the moisture.

L - Liquid (water)

O - Oil (glaze)

C- Cream (frosting)

Stay beautifully polished.


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